Sunday, May 10, 2020

"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." - Luke 21:33
In the summer of 2011 our family was busy clearing out my in-law's home for a sale and move. We disposed of more stuff than you can imagine. By the end of the process we had filled two large dumpsters with everything but the kitchen sink. After the dust was settled one box was carefully put aside and saved; the Bibles and study helps... these were priceless and timeless.
The lesson learned was how little value was found in most stuff that we collected. Over time everything will slip into dumpsters, but that which remains is what nurtures the soul and lights the path. God's word will never pass away because it's priceless and timeless.
What do you hold dear my friend? Do you have a special treasure closet or hope chest filled with wonderful memories? This too will pass away and eventually all your world will be simplified. Finally, only that which lifts your spirit, challenges your walk and warms your heart will matter. And that will most certainly be the words of the living God to the hungry soul... priceless and timeless.

August 2019 | DV Parents

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