Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Protect and Guard...

Today's Readings: OT -  2 Kings 6:1-14 / NT - Proverbs 2

"Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you." - Proverbs 2:11
Sometimes I need to wear a leg brace. This contraption slips over my knee and has two steel bars on either side. Putting it on can be rather difficult at times, but when it's worn, my knee joint is fully protected from slipping side to side. It keeps my knee from suffering damage when weak and helps in the healing process when injured. It looks clunky but it does the job as it... protects and guards.

This entire proverb speaks of a brace for the spiritual and moral life. To obtain wisdom one has to work at putting it into the heart. But once wisdom enters the heart you will understand  "what is right and just and fair—every good path." (vs. 9) Wisdom will save you from slipping from "straight paths" to walk in "dark ways". (vs. 13) Wisdom from the Lord has two steel bars named discretion and understanding that will... protect and guard.

Wisdom will not be acquired all in one day. It will only come from the hard work of time spent in God's Word. Will you make time today, tomorrow and the next day to value God's wisdom and store it up in your heart like a priceless treasure? If you will, it will save you from moral failure and will lead you into paths of life, because it will... protect and guard.

Tomorrow's Readings: OT - 2 Kings 6:15-33 / NT - Luke 13

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