Wednesday, January 25, 2023

People need the Lord...

Today's Readings: OT -  2 Kings 11:1-20 / NT - Luke 19

"As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it"  -  Luke 19:41 
In 1998 I moved from Williamsport, PA, a city of 31,000 to a bedroom community of New York City, which was the home of over 8 million people. There were over 20 million people living in the Metropolitan region. The adjustment to so many people in one small area was quite a challenge. Each time I crossed the bridge and looked at the city, I saw buildings that housed the masses. I saw traffic congestion and streets crowded with a vast multitude. But then, I came to a traffic light and I saw the faces and I was reminded that the city was people... and people need the Lord.

Watch the Lord as he approaches the city of Jerusalem. While others were rejoicing and praising the Lord, Jesus saw the city, and he wept over it. Think about the Lord of Glory, the Creator of the universe, the Ruler of nations, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords weeping over a city. In a city of rebellious and hard-hearted people who would hang him on a cross, Jesus saw lost people. If we will look at the city through the eyes of Jesus, we will see people and we too should weep because... people need the Lord.

Whether your city is small or large, it's filled with people. They are not there to make your life miserable; they are people in need,  just like you. Pray that you might see the city through the eyes of compassion and love them like Jesus.     --  Here's a song by Mike Otto to consider today:


"Let me see this world, dear Lord,
as though I were looking through your eyes.
A world of men who don't want you, Lord,
but a world for which you died.
Let me kneel with you in the garden.
Blur my eyes with tears of agony.

For if once, I could see this world the way you see,
I just know I'd serve you more faithfully".

Let me see this world, dear Lord,
through Your eyes when men mock your Holy Name.
When they beat You and spat upon You, Lord,
Let me love them as You loved them just the same.
Let me stand high above my petty problems,
And grieve for men, hell-bound eternally:

For if once I could see this world the way You see
I just know I'd serve you more faithfully.

 Tomorrow's Readings: OT - 2 Kings 11:21-12:21 / NT - Luke 20

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